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Name:BiCon Organisers
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Membership of this community is limited to those who have been a full team member of a BiCon organising group. Posts are friends only and membership has to be cleared by the moderator. If you want to join please let me know which BiCon you were involved with (unless you're very certain I know you) and then make a post to the community saying who you are and what BiCons you've worked on.

We want organisers to feel comfortable posting to this community, so please keep it confidential. If you think anyone is out of line, by all means tell them, politely, because we actually want to know - advice is what this community is for.

The only other rule is, bear in mind that members of any BiCon team may be here, and play nice! Criticism of previous events is fine - personal attacks are not and will get you put on moderated status as fast as I can work out how to do that....

For reference the BiCon Organisers' Guidelines are at

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dispensing advice, panicking, procedure geeking, running bicons, stopping running bicons
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